CRA MOBILE PHONE APPS: Tools for Individuals and Businesses

CRA provides a number of mobile phone apps that taxpayers (individuals, corporations, etc.) can use to assist with their tax obligations.

CRA BizApp – An app for small businesses owners to view and pay outstanding balances, view account transactions, view expected GST/HST returns, and view the status of filed GST/HST and corporate income tax returns.

CRA Business Tax Reminders – An app for businesses which sends pop-up notifications and/or calendar reminders for individual and business due dates for installments (individual, corporate and GST/HST), returns, and remittances (payroll and GST/HST).

MyBenefits CRA – An app for individuals which provides a quick view of an individual’s benefit and credit payment details and eligibility information.

MyCRA – An app for individuals which provides access to key tax information such as notice of assessments, tax return status, benefits and credits, and RRSP and TFSA contribution room. It also allows individuals to request a proof of income, manage online mail, update contact information, and update direct deposit information.


Action Item: Consider using one of these apps to assist with your tax filing obligations.


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